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Women's Health Naturopath Support for women with PMS, PCO, endometriosis, infertility, menopause and hormonal mood changes. We support women through preconception-care, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. More on women's health

Women's Health Naturopath

Getting on top of your hormonal balance can be the key to more stable mood, energy and weight. Hormones are complex and regulated by the brain, the gut and the liver. During your initial consultation we will assess your particular hormonal imbalance and refer for further testing where necessary. We can look at your hormonal balance through blood tests, salivary hormones and ovulation test strips as well as DNA testing and menstrual cycle charting. Targeted questioning of your symptoms by our experienced Naturopaths will give a clear insight into your presentation.

By using a natural medicine approach we will address the factors that contribute to an imbalance. By using diet and probiotics to optimise the microbiome, oestrogen excretion is supported. Herbal medicine is employed to support conjugation of oestrogen in the liver and influence the HPO (hypothalamic ovarian) axis. Lifestyle interventions are recommended to reduce exposure to harmful environmental oestrogens. In this way, we can tailor a program for each individual that will bring results.

We have a passion for supporting women through preconception-care, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. Having three children of her own our principal naturopath can give practical and relevant advice.

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